Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rusko Aftermath

Rusko Banton

It was a damn sweaty Saturday night last out west, in the company of Rusko. He played a more varied set than he's usually given credit for, along with his own dubs for which he's received both ends of the opinion spectrum. In fact, he fucking killed it dead.

Gettin Into It

The sound was (mostly) sweet, a last minute dash got a cdj for Rusko who'd had half his dubs robbed recently from his bag. Nasty. All the sets went down well, I even managed to clear the floor at one stage by dropping a couple of Grime tracks, but nonetheless the crowd soon weaved their way back, and seemed open and eager for what they were hearing, as although there was definitely a crowd there specifically for the music, many would have been hearing most of the records that were played for the first time. And it went off.

Lowkey and Me

There wasn't a dry t shirt in the house by the end, and the people who turned out got what they needed at a time of virtually nothing else going on bar the festivals. Big shout to the Dubs who came down especially for the gig, Rusko and his missus who were sound as a pound, and of course the man himself who kept us entertained on and off the turntables. Big thanks to the Get Low crew once again for lookin after us, and a big bow down to Galway's finest White Widow ;)

Satisfied punters

I'll throw up some better photos when I get em...

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