Thursday, July 10, 2008

Life Festival Highlights

Try as I might, and I might, I just can't get excited about Festivals. Every Summer, someone or other informs me how much I'm missing out, how good the last one was, and how they can't wait for the next one. That's no problem, its more the look of absolute horror and shock on their faces when I express my indifference to them. It's generally the look you'd expect to receive on admitting you love to eat live kittens.

Great craic no doubt

Its just a personal choice folks, so relax. I'll always associate festivals with my youth, with my memories, with old friends, warm tins, LSD, Gardaí, and such and such. I can't separate them in my mind from those times, so I will avoid them today as I avoid Blue Stratos aftershave, and any other things from that time I no longer require. The Life Festival just didn't draw my arse out into the rain last weekend. In fact this particular festival would be the absolute nadir of musical enjoyment for me. Its always presented itself as a hair braiding, face painting, fire juggling sanctuary of new-age-shite-talking meets early-90s-trance-hell.


This year however, they reached out to people like me with some more diverse artists. Here the living legend Max Romeo who I always try and catch when he's in Dublin...

...and Mala...(more Max Romeo on this one by Coki as it goes...)

...and a bit of Skream.

Photos and more to come soon from Get Low who apparently stormed it before Mala and Skream....
Oh, and Big Up Breakology....

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