Monday, July 7, 2008

Grievous Angel

"Bear in mind that at the time, late 2007, there really was a rash of bad wobble tracks and the more housey gear was only just getting released," says Grievous Angel. "It was clear that we needed to do something to stop the soul element being wiped out of dubstep too. It wasn't about revivalism. It was about bringing out the original forms of dubstep, the Horsepower, Landslide, Roots of Dubstep side out. 2-step beats at 140 bpm with bigger bass and subtle wobble-- wobble that means something."

Martin Clark's very incisive and heartening interview with Grievous Angel in Pitchfork. Read the full article HERE.


Elijah said...

his stuff is tight

cólz said...

The album is just brilliant, I reckon