Monday, July 28, 2008

Mantua Festival - Alphabet Set Stage Lineup

Well, despite my Phestival Phobia, the unseasonal(at this stage) July sunshine has added some optimism to the idea of heading to a large turf bog in Roscommon for the August bank holiday weekend. Plus, myself and Grizzle are playing the final set on Friday night, so its a great excuse to get out there.

Thankfully, I took a week off work so myself and Griz will be working on our set from now till thursday, and that includes creating a few more tracks, so its going to be a few all nighters. Anyway, here's the lineup for The Alphabet Set Stage,
Rough times are below, these are subject to change and not check the lineups on the other stages click here.


20 Worries Outernational
21 ?
22 16hz/Johnny Oakley
23 Ital Tek
24 Clouds
1 Various Productions
2 Cotti & mr Party
3 Colz & Grizzle


14 ?
15 Fringe
16 Cignol
17 Radial
18 Wiggle
19 Super Extra Bonus Party
20 Sarsparilla
21 Sunken Foal
22 Wadadda
23 Clark
24 Fran Hartnett
1 Ed Devane
2 Obeah Kong fet Eccelton Jarret & Jah Balance
3 Filaria


14 Cole Blackford
15 LPX
16 Nouveau Noise
17 Bluefood
18 Vince McMahon
19 Project 77
20 Infomatics
21 Taskforce
22 Egyptian Lover
23 The Wax Ensemble
24 Solen
1 Shackleton

Hope to see ya there...

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