Wednesday, February 13, 2008

West Coast Rocks ;)

Simon and Steve of Get Low

Well, the Galway experience was fun and games.
I felt a little old and grey surrounded by 19 year olds on the batter, but there were some great things I noticed on the night. Simon and Steve(collectively known as Get Low had just got in a new sound system from the UK(Steve having been up for two days driving Galway to Croydon and back again) and were eager to test it out tonight, so we had some techy difficulties at one stage, including a pint of guinness baptizing the main plug board at one stage.
Simon pulled it back nicely with Bobby McFerrins 'Dont Worry...' a suitable choice to calm the steadily fraying nerve endings of the punters who had turned out.

Watch the bwai sweat...

What struck me most about this gig was the set the lads put on before me - chaotic, of varying level and timbre mp3s were set off against each other from two laptops, there was little if any vinyl employed, but I suppose thats just the auld man getting perplexed. Then I began to notice that the lads, through the fact that the records they want simply cant be got in Galway, had to build tracks up from snatched sections(some of which were from Dubstep Allstars CDs), sampled, rebuilt and remixed then mixed live by the lads. I dont know if they realised it, but it was brilliant to watch history repeat itself. Necessity being the mother of all invention, they had emulated experiments done by Larry Levan back in the late days of disco/early days of house, and also Herc, D.St, Flash and others who did the same out of a lack of source material for the punters. I think I was the only idiot grinnin as I sat, watched and listened...the lads just looked busy in gig panic mode and the punters danced..;)

Special shout out to Si, Ste, Holly, and all a them who enjoyed it.
(and the gal who pulled the plug out and killed it (literally) during my set. Tsk!)

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