Thursday, February 7, 2008

Fuck House Music?

This flyer was posted on my myspace recently by a crew in Dublin to promote an upcoming gig headlined by Vex'd, and featuring proper musical localists T-Woc and Grizzle performing live sets in support, a treat Im particularly lookin forward to...
But I dunno about this one...
Because in 1987 I heard Chip E, Adonis, Derrick May, Fingers Inc... drifting over to Dublin via the UK from Chicago and Detroit...and I cant turn my back on such beautiful music. Ah well.
What is House music in 2008? And should we be fucking it?
If you go to the promoters myspace page, youll hear a track called 'Micro Soul' by Ceephax as the profile song. If Id heard this in 87, I would have called it House ;)

Ursus Crew

enuff rant, heres the gig...

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