Thursday, February 7, 2008

C Is For Cookie

And welcome to Smokeless Fuels. I was told to find an outlet for my rantings by a few people close to me, in that jaded voice I am so used to hearing, and so here I am to vent.
With that in mind, heres my mixtape 'C Is For Cookie', a labour of love I completed some time in 2006.
Originally the mix began as a favour for a friend who wanted some nice clean breaks for his samply stuff wot he did do on his computer, and I obliged. Like a latter day Kool Herc, I faded in each break like a human sample cd, break by break, track by track....and grew bored.
And so, what should have taken an hour ended up taking 4, 6, 9 months...if someone called up for a chat and a smoke Id fire up the recording equipment, get the auld dusty vinyl out and add to the mix, overdub after overdub.
This is the result. A track list would be a bit much, but anyone who can work it out can send it to me and Ill personally say a prayer for you.

The intro is a shout to my auld crew when I was 12 years old and had the sound of Egyptian Lover pulsing through my veins. The good old days ;)

C Is For Cookie - DJ ColZ b-boy breaks mixtape
Running Time - 59.13
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cólz said...

Link broken!

You can grab it here from the re-up

cólz said...

...failing that, grab it here instead:

fer fecks sake ;)