Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DJ Zinc - Trust Me I Was There - Chapter 8 - 1990 Part 3

Finishing off the 1990 segment of this essential mix series, Zinc brings us forward as things got just a little more hardcore, and the Akai S series became as essential as the Roland rhythm machines, and the UK began to assert its own musical roots on the sounds of '80's Chicago and Detroit, beckoning in what was to come as things got that little bit 'ravier'....

"...this is part 8 of a series of mixes called 'Trust Me I Was There' - this one is part 3 of 3 from 1990...

..this mix includes the first release on Reinforced, a couple of tracks that DJ Hype was involved in, some classic Warp (LFO!!!!) the massive 'Mr Kirks Nightmare' and one of my all time favs - Radio Babylon..."

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