Monday, September 21, 2009

LHF - Keepers Of The Light Vol 1

Here's the first installment in a new series of mixes from the LHF/United Vibes family, one of the most consistent crews out there; underground, unique and with serious weight and depth in the music they create and play. Check it below.



01 Solar Man- Cerafin
02 No Fixed Abode- Flowers
03 Solar Man- Cold Hearted
04 Low Density- New Gun
05 Amen Ra- Hidden Life Force
06 Amen Ra feat. Double Helix - Song to Auset
07 Low Density Matter - Definitions
08 Amen Ra - From Whence We came
09 Double Helix - Futuristic Dream
10 Double Helix - Ghost
11 Amen Ra - N22/The Aves
12 Double Helix - The Possibilities 2009
13 Double Helix - Black Ops
14 Amen Ra - Unknown Sources
15 Amen Ra and Double Helix - God Walk
16 No Fixed Abode - Static


Blackdown said...

hey man, the keepers of the light vol 1 mix just goes around in a loop, could you possibly up the file to sendspace and give me a shout? martin_clark7 at hotmail dot com?

cólz said...

Searching for it now Martin, unfortunately I just linked from their own divshare file and the downloads have run out. Frustrating as it was my only source for the mix:( apologies