Monday, September 7, 2009

D12 Yardcast 12/09/2009

You (no doubt) have, if you are on twitter, encountered the term #yardcast. First I heard of it was DJ Oneman's transmissions from his gaff via UStream, and a recent high point was Bok Bok's Birthday Yardcast a little while back...

This being Ireland, we are bereft of original ideas, but we know when to jump on a good one and have some fun with it. So, this Saturday we're temporarily ditching the regular FM Broadcast - instead you can catch us streaming live from 6pm till the wee hours, hopefully playing a variety of decent sounds. After an absolutely shit summer weather-wise, we're having an Indian Summer of sorts this week, and as its the mott's birthday we're firing up the barbecue along with the turntables to celebrate. If you're about, drop in - if not, drop in on Ustream. If you want to chat with us through the broadcast, sign up to Twitter if you haven't already...

September 12th 2009 from 6 PM (GMT)

Click Here For The Yardcast

Unfortunately, Tu-Ki can't make it this time due to other commitments, but if all goes well sure we'll do it again and rope the local DMC champ back in. Who (we hope) will be joining us over the course of the night includes DMC champ DJ Mek, All City Records
DJ OB, Power FM/Wobble/Bassbin's Don Rosco, Space2Pace/Reach's
RickyForce, the man behind the counter at Freebird Records DJ Gon, Alphabet Set main man T-Woc, and of course the residents of Standard Radio and club night, DJ Halfdutch, Konspiracy, Sub One and Me.


sectionfive said...

will try and lock before or will all ye codgers be passed out after?

cólz said...

Catch us before and after (hopefully)
All the best for The Warwick..