Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dirty Rug Gets Pulled From Under Collective

The second Dirty Collective get together, which was scheduled for the coming bank holiday(in Ireland) sunday, has had its plug board pulled out. Organised by 16Hz himself aka Simon Lynch, its aim was (just like the first one, organised by Grizzle) to give Irish Grime and Dubstep producers a chance to be heard outside of Myspace and their bedroom studios, in a live context, and with a decent sound.

The First DC

It was also important to us as a way of letting Irish audiences hear what was being made by producers they would never have heard of in Dublin's small and sometimes cliquey club scene. I was particularly looking forward to the Dublin debut of Cork's Radikal Guru, who has a forthcoming release on 2nd Drop Records. More on that soon....

Aparently, the plan was to have us in one room and !Kaboogie in the other with their headliner Starkey. I've no idea why it was pulled or who has replaced us in t'other room.

Feel free to comment / leave conspiracy theories / pleas for peace and love

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