Sunday, May 25, 2008

Codebreaker Live Mix 1998

I've been searching around for this elusive little recording for some time now, and lo and behold I've found it. This is a recording of a 'live' or as live as could be done mix of tracks from 96/97 by myself and Grizzle, for a project known as Codebreaker, when I went under the solo moniker of CFX (highly original) and Griz was known as Sly.

We were both producing d'n'b tunes a few years, but I reckon its fair to say we were a bit jaded at this stage with the music and had moved into other spheres already. And so, this recording is our last ever gig doing our d'n'b tracks out live in Dublin. The gig was a cold and damp night in the SFX somewhere in Winter 1997. The tracks sound like hardcore nosebleeds to me now, but I'm glad I recorded the set as they don't survive in any other form.

Here's a rudimentary tracklist:

01. Bring It On (CFX)
02. Go For The Kill (CFX)
03. Close Encounters (CFX)
04. C4 (CFX)
05. Private Sly (SLY)

( audio stops here for some reason, give it a few seconds....)

06. John Public (CFX)
07. Unknown (SLY)
08. Take (CFX)
09. Stalker(version) (CFX)
10. Down (CFX)
11. Roll On Request (CFX)
12. Control (CFX)
13. Industry Jam (SLY)
14. Industry Jam(CFX Remix)


DeFeKT said...

Well ya gettin on?? is there a link to download this mix!!!

is foookin savage!!!


cólz said...

Sound as Matt, send us yer email and Ill forward it on :)

DeFeKT said...

Sound Colz.....

look forward to it!!!