Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Major Grave - Grimeforum Podcast

To finish off our week of birthday celebratory giveaways, here's a little something from Major Grave courtesy of our friends at Grimeforum...

Download The Mix

'We introduce Ireland DJ and Producer Major Grave who drops us a mix DJ’d by him and made up entirely of his own productions. Don’t sleep on this guy!


01 Part ways
02 To Hold
03 Phoenix
04 Easy does it
05 New Eire
06 Fresh
07 Want You
08 Sink In
09 R.I.P.
10 Unnamed
11 J Beatz- Tazer (Major Grave remix)
12 Over Riddim

To download the mix either stream it here, download on iTunes by searching “Grime Podcast” and subscribing or navigate to our Podcast Page.

Here we introduce him as a person, let you know about his mixtape and give you a free download to hear what this upcoming producer is saying.

Major Grave in his own words

"I’m a producer from Ireland who goes by the name Major Grave. Im a member of the Standard crew along side DJ Bob & DJ Colz. Standard have been running a weekly radio show every Saturday night on Radio Na Life 106.4FM since 2009. Bringing new, old and exclusive Garage/Grime/Dubstep and lots more from the underground – Standard Radio archives

I got a whole heap of new tracks on my hard-drive and wanted to give people the chance to listen to them so I have put this mix together. I’ve been making beats since about 2007 and only recently started putting my music out there (DJs/MC’s/Singers get in touch).

I mainly use an AKAI MPC 2500 and Ableton Live & Pro Tools for production. My first EP MajorBeatz_Vol.01 was produced and mixed using only the MPC.

I am currently doing some work with a couple of MC’s, some known names and some new ones. Im also in the middle of recording some tracks with a very talented female singer, I’m not going to say much more on that just yet...

I have another EP coming out soon, “Next Ting”.

This is a 4 track instrumental EP and will be available from the MajorBeatz Bandcamp. "

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