Friday, December 23, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

Well, the time of year being what it is, the radio station is closed for the week, so for this saturday's Standard radio show we have something a little different.

A few months ago, I packed up my belongings, gave away the rest, and left Ireland with the missus and the madra for South East Asia. While going through my stuff, I found various neglected dusty cassettes from the 80s, 90s and beyond, one of which I gave to Mek to transfer into a digital format for nostalgia's sake, which will be broadcast tonight on Dublin's FM 106.4.

It's an old mix I did back in 95 (or thereabouts), made up of old school electro and house records I loved and bought in the 80s, along with some hardcore/early jungle I had begun buying by the time this mix was done.

In other words, expect plenty of skipping, dodgy mixes, but great music - and forgive the odd bit of blending from old Streetsounds Electro albums (forgive me Herbie) - inevitable given my collection back in them days.

The show kicks off at 9 PM (GMT), finishing up around 10.30.

We're also live on the web if you're outside our FM reach.

If youre feeling the show, feel free to leave a shout here.

Thanks to the listeners, we hope 2012 is good to ya.

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