Thursday, January 27, 2011

Standard Radio Saturday

I think its fair to say that myself and Bob have been enjoying this week-on week-off way of doing the show lately, as it gives each of us time to pick a decent 90 minutes from our records and enter a mindset free from live radio trauma, just mixing tracks while someone else looks after the technicals. Plus we're lazy bastards at the best of times, and a rest does us the world of good.

With that in mind, this Saturday night both myself and Bob will be handing the reins over to the third member of the Standard Crew, Major Grave. He has a treat for the Dublin heads with a selection of his lost dubs from 07 and 08, most of which were only ever heard out at the various bass-heavy friday night sessions in the likes of the now defunct Traffic nightclub and The Cavern (see pic above). We send this one out especially to all the heads that used to frequent those dark dances in the basements.

Dublin listeners, lock on to 106.4 FM - otherwise you can check the Livestream.

The show starts at 9 PM, ends at 10.30. All times are GMT. You can reach the studio on Facebook, or shout @MajorGrave.

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