Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Night 04/12/2010

We managed to skid our way over black ice to get to the radio station last night, and after last week's break it was good to be back, and good to be out of the freezing cold for a bit. I kicked off with some old broken beat and more recent wierdness, Bob stepped up with some old garage favourites, and we coalesced somewhere around 140 bpm by the end. We're back next week, same time and place, to keep you nice and toasty.



01 Numbers - Music Box
02 Untold - Anaconda (Tribal Guarachero Mix)
03 Domu Featuring Ian O'Brien - Wuntoto
04 Cousin Cockroach - This Ain't Tom & Jerry
05 Sunship Featuring Warrior Queen - Almighty Father (Solid Groove Underground Souljah Mix)
06 Altered Natives - Oh My Zipper
07 Slackk - Fire Flies
08 Jamie George - Flying Saucer
09 Hem Featuring Terrible Shock- On A Mission (Shortstuff Remix)
10 Sully - Black Projects
11 Wookie - How Ever Do You Want It
12 The Pilot Code - The Chopper
13 Dj - Deekline - I Dont Smoke (Rhythem Masters Remix)
14 White - Dubplate
15 Reach And Spin - The Hype (DND Remix)
16 Kristene Blood - You Make Me Go Ooooh (Dub-A-Holics Remix)
17 Aora - Out Of The Rain
18 Hold On 2002 - Y Tribe Vocal
19 Dj Faz - Wobble
20 Pearson Sound - Blue Eyes
21 George Fitzgerald vs Amel Larrieux - Tell Me (Refix)
22 Artwork - Basic G
23 White - Dubplate
24 Same People - Dangerous
25 Pinch - Punisher
26 SBTRKT Featuring Jessie Ware - Nervous
27 Terror Danjah - Bruzin' VIP
28 Wiley - 50/50
29 Dj Dreddy - Cry Me A River

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We would like to dedicate this show in memory of Phil Greaves, aka NSA, who passed away suddenly during the week. It was a shock to us to hear he's gone, we can only imagine what his friends and family are going through.

Rest in Peace a chara.

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HUD said...

Terrible news about NSA. Life is a fickle little b!tch. Rest In Peace Phil. You had a great set of ears.