Friday, September 17, 2010

Standard Yardcast #8

We're going in on the Ustream tonight for all those who need warming up before heading out, and for those who just want to ease into the weekend without having to barge through a malodorous sea of invertebrates to get a drink.

Tune in from 9 PM (GMT) - just click HERE when the time is right, and let us know who's out there!


And here it is....we raided the old d'n'b to begin, hit a few oldies and had some rusty scratchy moments, before hitting the garage and grime. Many thanks to those who tuned in to watch us sup tea and play some favourites, and out to the chatroom people.


PS - No Standard Radio this saturday night - we're taking a break.
You can still catch a repeat show tonight from 9 PM GMT on Dublin's RNL 106.4 FM.
Otherwise check the Livestream.

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