Monday, July 26, 2010

DJ Mek - UK Hip Hop Flashbacks Part One

UK Hip Hop Flashbacks (part one) by Djmek on Mixcloud

I've been waiting on this one a while now; it finally dropped today (well part one anyway). Our favourite DJ DJ Mek pulls out the dusty plates that inspired us so much back in the day; as kids Hip Hop still felt remote and exotic musically, it was only after we heard the UK's take on (particularly) MC'ing that we realised the floodgates were open for all. Inspiring stuff.

'Excuse the scratchy vinyl - these tunes have been thru the wars. :) '


01 Depth Charge feat. Alkaline – Silver Fox Vs depth Charge
02 London Posse – Jump Around remix
03 Caveman – I’m Ready
04 Katch 22 – Service with a smile (remix)
05 Prime Rhyme Masters – You need Discipline
06 S.L. Troopers – Systematic Terror
07 The Sindecut – Wisdom
08 The Sindecut – Demanding Cycle (of a wordbound hammerhead)
09 Stereo M.c.s – Lyrical Machine
10 Stereo M.c.s – Bring it on
11 Manu Dibango & Mc Mell’O’ – Mincalor
12 Mc Buzz B – Mr. Smooth
13 Mc Mell’O’ – Open up your mind (remix)
14 Krispy 3 – Destroy all the stereotypes
15 Eveready & Unanimous Decision – Flowmotion
16 Krispy 3 – G’s Summary
17 Standing Ovation – Shadows of Mayhem (inst)
18 M.C. Duke – Night Train

Part Two soon come..

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