Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dublin Is Butterz

This friday night, AllCity celebrate the launch of Onra's 'Long Distance ' upstairs in the TP - I'll be downstairs meself later though..

The basement plays host to none other than Butterz, also known as Elijah and Skilliam. The Butterz Radio Show has been killing it this year, debuting work from many of the new breed of Grime producers out there, as well as helping power the renewed interest we've witnessed this last 18 months in the back catalogue and new work of established names. Their Dublin debut is this fri - I've seen a list of some of the dubs they've got lined up... If youre not there, where are you?

Check the May 2010 Butterz 'Obsessed' Mix Below, brand newness and a couple of oldies on this one...


01 Joker - Tron Vip
02 D Double E - Woo Riddim (Butterz Special)
03 Src - Lemsip
04 Dizzee Rascal - Trapped
05 Mr Mitch - Skittles
06 Teddy - House Party
07 Swindle - Molly
08 Wiley - Jam Pie
09 Rude Kid - Screwdriver
10 Royal T - Damn It (Butterz Special)
11 Badness - Nightmare (Mensah Remix)
12 Joker & Tc - It Ain't Got A Name
13 Newham Generals - Im A General
14 Teddy - Travelodge
15 Swindle - Aim Straight
16 Terror Danjah - Reinforced
17 Guido - You Do It Right
18 Moony - Hot & Cold
19 Terror Danjah - Space Traveller
20 Wonder - What Have You Done

Doors @11. Support from the one and only Droid

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