Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tu-Ki - Pre:seed

Back at the end of last summer, DJ Tu-Ki packed out The Button Factory in Temple Bar for the launch of his 'Pre:Seed' mix CD. All us lucky Dubs who attended got our copy; if you weren't there you may have picked one up in the sadly now defunct Freebird Records, or perhaps you missed out entirely.

Thankfully Mr T has thrown it up on his Soundcloud for your listening pleasure, along with links for a FREE download - plus for anyone who wants the full beautifully packaged 3-D object, there are limited numbers available...
So, if you would like to take an aural spin through his sizeable vinyl collection, don't miss this. Just go HERE.

For those awaiting download, check Fergal Brennan's video below for a teaser

1 comment:

2BiT said...

Somehow missed this when it came out but OMFG! (etc) Unbelievably good mix...selection, blends, bigups, flow.
A masterclass.