Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm so gutted I couldn't get anywhere near this. At least I have this.

Grab It while you still can..


01 Burning Down The House/Talking Heads/Todd Edwards
02 All That Matters/Todd Edwards
03 Headlock/Imogen Heap/Todd Edwards
04 She Got Me On/ Paul Johnson/ Todd Edwards (alternate remix)
05 Alabama Blues/St. Germain (Todd Edwards dub)
06 Electric Mistress/Jamiroquai (Todd-i-fied mix)
07 Run It By Me feat. Damon Trueitt/ Todd Edwards
08 Buzz-in/Boris/ Todd Edwards Remix
09 Lost feat. Nicole Fried/Todd Edwards
10 Pure Pleasure Seeker/ Moloko/ Todd Edwards dub
11 Thank You feat. Laurie Chatelain-Dodard(Todd Edwards dub)
12 Treehouse/Todd Edwards
13 Mindreader/Kingdom/ (Todd Edwards remix)
14 Trains And Winter Rains/ Enya (Todd-i-fied mix)
15 I Might Be…/ Todd Edwards
16 Winter Behavior remix/ Todd Edwards
17 Breath Away/ Melanie Blatt/Todd Edwards/Stuart Zender
18 Walk Away/Hakan Lidbo(Todd Edwards dub)
19 Don’t Turn Your Back On Love/Jay Collins “Super 20″(Todd Edwards dub)
20 Never Far From You/Todd Edwards

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Bob said...

Big slection...i hered he was thowing aluminium crosses out in the crowed ha ha Todd the Godd