Friday, December 4, 2009


If you're a regular reader (if that's the correct term) of this blog, you may have noticed things have slowed to a crawl these last few weeks when compared to the usual endless stream of stuff and things. It's a December thing, I'm snowed under (arf) with my shitty job, and the 14 hour night shifts are taking their toll, so the blog has suffered. So, for the remainder of the year I'll just post the regular radio show on saturday nights, just until Santa fecks off back towards Polar bear land, and I can get some sleep. Seeing as I still have no idea what the purpose of this blog is, it shouldn't make much of a difference.

So, 09 is ending, and with it a decade of some great musical evolutions, as well as zombie scenes that refused to be buried, despite the stink coming off the corpses.#

It was a funny old year - Dublin went from yuppie fantasy land back to shit hole within 12 months, our club night (along with all friday night doings at Le Cirk) got the chop, so Standard Crew are currently homeless; Freebird Records closed down after 25 years hard graft, and on a personal note, 15 years of samples, projects and tunes disappeared from my life as the last of my 90s technology gave up the ghost with a whimper. So there you have it.

So here's to 2009 - we met some dickheads, some diamonds, and we had much fun. I'd like to thank those who brought so much great music to my attention, those I met, and those who contributed in helping bring that music to this kip. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart to Blackdown, Grievous Angel, DJ H.U.D., Alex Nut, Whistla, Marcus Nasty, Elijah and Skilliam, Brackles, Roska, Logan Sama, Cooly G, All at Hyperdub, Keysound, Ramp, Hessle, and the rest... FWD for being (still) the best club in the world, everyone else I've forgotten to mention and of course my standard fam - chris, karla, jack, bob, hannah and jen - yous are the glue. Stay Sticky.

*Tune in this saturday 9pm GMT 106.4FM in Dublin, worldwide HERE


droid said...

Those samples aint gone for sure fella. When are you bringing your computer over to ours for (hopefully) it to be fixed?

Bob said...

Get sampling again... 2 MPC 2500 in the house now!! Get urself down here!

Ross said...

It's been a very good year for music, no doubt. One of the best I can remember, certainly the best this decade...that reverse big bang you were talking about was a great way to put it. Here's to 2010!

BodyMusik Unlimited: HANG UP DJ, Chalib, URL MONRO, Original Redhandz, Blungo Ma, et autres. said...

Chin up, boss!

Loving the sounds lately. Levels are going up. Get another night quick.