Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Infomatics Are Better Than You

The Infomatics slew the competition tonight on the Raw Sessions - not a hard task really, and we are thankful for once it was a public (though pricey) vote, rather than a panel of Dublin's 'rawk' illuminati. My missus was at the gig on friday last, and told me the lads dedicated 'Let Me Fly' to Luni - tonight, after the winner was announced, the credits rolled by to the sound of his collaboration with Damien Dempsey on the 'Patience' refix. RIP.

Big respect is due to Dez Ryan for putting it together, he of the foxy beard and leather jacket; he's come into some flack from the aforementioned hipster drones of Ireland's bulletin boards; all I can say is - fuck the begrudgers. Fair play to the man for getting up and doing something while you wasters sat in Grogan's comparing vintage converse and Electric Picnic anecdotes. This was a victory. End.

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