Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10K For Me, 10K For Davey Boy

From RTE News:

'An English pipe fitter who was racially abused in his Irish workplace has been awarded €20,000 in compensation.

The man, who worked for an engineering company on a Dublin building site, claimed colleagues called him names and frequently ganged-up on him to sing Irish rebel songs.

Some workers never spoke to him and whenever staff had to enter tanks or dangerous spaces they would say 'send the Brit in' to make the way safe.

I had a quick chat with my workmate Dave this morning as I was finishing the night shift, and he was beginning the morning shift. Dave is a true-blue SE14, London born and bred geezer who was lured to this island a few years ago by the love of a cailín deas ó Baile átha Cliath, so I wanted to get his angle on what is a first for Anglo-Irish relations. It didn't take us long to decide a plan of action - starting next week I'll be raving about 800 years of occupation and genocide, ranting about the Queen, and singing the entire Wolfe Tones back catalogue at the top of my voice. Ten grand for Dave, ten grand for me, and all I'll have to worry about is being fired. Its our own little Anglo-Irish Agreement.

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