Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is a nice mix from Untold for Brazilian webthing Tranquera. I'm very fond of his style of production; somehow he wrings enough momentum and rhythm out of half step beats that some don't even seem to realise are there - check his releases on his Hemlock label. His remix work (quite a bit in this mix) echoes this ear for the darker without trying to be hard style of dubstep, a word that lately has come to mean different things to different people as they impose their personal musical tastes and habits on it. Anyway, check the mix below. You can never have too many 'The Knowledge' Remixes either...

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1 Pangaea - Deviant (Untold Remix)
2 Untold - Kingdom (Pangaea Remix)
3 Pearson Sound - Gambetta
4 Pangaea - Mosaix
5 Flying Lotus -Roberta Flack (Martyn’s Heart Beat Mix)
6 Untold - Sweat
7 Untold - I Can’t Stop This Feeling
8 Untold - Discipline
9 Untold - Anaconda
10 Milanese - The End (Untold Remix)
11 Untold - Bones
12 TRG - On Tour
13 Naphta - Copy Rider (Untold Remix)
14 Toasty - The Knowledge (Untold Remix)

Thanks to SafetyBoy
Big shout to Naphta

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nikki said...

this is heavy