Friday, February 20, 2009

Saturday Night 106.4 FM

The grim news today is that UNESCO has formally declared Irish to be a 'definitely endangered' language. With this in mind, maybe you could lend your support by tuning in to hear me babble in pidgin Gaeilge this saturday on Raidio Na Life, in between some tasty music. Myself and HalfDutch will be alternating as hosts of the show, a week on and a week off from this week.

Tune in from 9-10.30 pm (GMT), grab some cheap cans and relax before you head out to blow your scratcher on overpriced bottled piss in one of Dublin's many yuppie containment units.

For anyone outside Dublin you can catch the livestream HERE.
Show repeats Monday at midnight GMT 23/02/2009.

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cólz said...

ps if you listen from the link at any time other than the time specified, its a mixed bag....for example theres some pan pipe shit streaming out of it at the mo