Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Land Of Eternal Waiting

Spring has sprung. Today in Dublin, its (relatively) warm, the sky is blue save for a few fluffy white floaters, the dog is going mad at me to take her out chasing crows, and there are spots of purple and blue appearing on my decimated lawn. After two summers that never happened, and the sight of our country crumbling as the rich well and truly fucked the poor, the national mood is one of baited breath. The big god in the sky is reborn - I hope. This time last year it was dark, freezing cold and pissing rain every day, and I did this mix. A new one is on the way, but for now do enjoy last february's podcast (again).



1 Finley's Rainbow(4Hero Mix) - A Guy called Gerald
2 Sincere(Dub Mix) - MJ Cole
3 Groovesome - Domu
4 Beautiful Sounds - El-B
5 Pirates oF Penzance - Pavel Kostiuk
6 Look Shook - Qualifide
7 Havoc - Menta
8 Among The Stars - El-B
9 Zero M2 - Benga
10 After Eight(Circus Bell Mix) - Robert Armani
11 Suj - Various Productions
12 Emotions - Benga
13 Everything About You - Martyn
14 Locus Locust - Headhunter
15 2 Bad - El-B
16 2 Faced Rasta(Reso Remix) - Rob Sparxx
17 Side Bease - Kromestar and Hatcha
18 Kameleon - 2562
19 Im Lovin' - D1
20 Movin Snares - Skream
21 Future Past - Nubian Minds
22 Focuz - Kromestar
23 Hunter - Mala


Anonymous said...

I think this is the mix that really pulled me into the sound of 2-step, nice one

Finley's Rainbow(4Hero Mix) - A Guy called Gerald

Wot track!

cólz said...

Thanks anonymous, appreciate that. The GCG track is fom 94 but definitely pre empts some of what came a few years later. Ta again.

Anonymous said...

Indeed man they sound is comming back, need to here alot more around Dublin would be nice to here some quality music instead of sum stupid mash up shit that they cant even mix or even try! Soz for ranting :>

cólz said...

Ranting is a right, you're more than entitled/welcome to rant here.

Subone said...


Dara said...

id love to hear this shit out in dublin

cólz said...

soon hopefully...