Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who Are The Club Police?

From Irish Drum And Bass:


"Irish Nightclubs are facing earlier closing. The Government are hoping to pass the Liquor Licensing Bill 2008 within the next 3 weeks. This means the latest a nightclub [ and late bar / theatre bar ] can open until is 2.30am (6 nights), and 1am on Sundays. Local judges have of course imposed even earlier closing in many towns / counties.

Raise your voice and have your opinion heard."

Visit the INIA website and complete a short survey, then please pass it on.


AudioLemon said...

Sure it's only right Colz... 2.30 is a grand time. As long as the Dáil bar and bar at the gates of templemore garda college are 24 hour, sure isn't great.

You gotta feel sorry for the people who work the sunday night to make ends meet. A 1 O'Clock close means it's not worth open the club doors. A lot of barmen, lighting jocks, DJ's, live sound mixers, bouncers, glass collectors, coat staff, managers, taxi-drivers... the lot... all fucked now. I remember I was working the clubs and I relied on that money to make the rent.

On the plus side, the 1 hour a night less drinking time will end all alcoholism in Ireland. So that's good.

cólz said...

Yes indeed. I have to wonder whose pockets this is lining at the end of the day.....