Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sounds Of The RickyForce

Well, its saturday afternoon, its pissing with rain outside, I had to give back the mixer I borrowed so no more mixes until I find some spare cash, and thanks to the ESB and Bord Gáis I'm as broke as a joke.

So, I won't be hitting Galway tonight for the Mantua Launch. Big shame, as I'll be missing a set from Dublin Junglist RickyForce, a man whose productions make me want to go back and make proper Jungle tunes again, in the midst of all this breakcore(give me strength) and 200bpm drum and bass (give me earplugs) that seems to excite the dog-on-a-string massive in Ireland so these days.

Anyway, here's two from himself, firstly 'Dreams' a deep and intense roller below...


And this one , 'Triggerman', a proper Hip Hop flavoured anthem. Squish them Amens.


Catch Ricky tonight at The Black Box in Galway, you lucky people.

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