Thursday, June 19, 2008

Freebird Records and the Sound Cellar

Dublin record shops soldier on in the face of download culture. Thanks to Last Light Film. Big Up Goldy and Pasta Masta at Freebird.


Anonymous said...

Tommy from the Sound Cellar cut his hair !? Well splendour my bejaysus. Quinnik says 'Get a two-step while you're at it. Sellout.'

Anonymous said...

Soundcellar is the premier record store in Dublin.An aladdins cave of metal,rock and blues.Not just that,a knowledgable and honest staff.If an album's 5 out of 10,Tommy'll tell u so.Ive never bought an album in there that Tommy or Collie recommended that I didnt like.Try getting that sort of professionalism,encyclopedic knowledge of music and after sales service in HMV.Rock on Tommy!