Wednesday, January 29, 2014

DJ Zinc - Trust Me I Was There Chapter 5 - 1989 Part 3

DJ Zinc concludes the 1989 trilogy with Chapter 5 of this fantastic series. Whether you're an old raver like myself, or you're discovering these sounds for the first time, you're in for a yet another treat..the various mutations of House are evident in this one; acidic, deep, Hip House... definitely a case of hold tight for the 90's...

"This is chapter 5 in a series of mixes called 'Trust Me I Was There' - these tracks were being played in clubs i was going to and on pirate radio in London. Clubs like Echos by the bow flyover, Genesis, Sunrise, Energy and the first World Dance! By '89 I was DJing a bit, at house parties and the odd club.
Radio wise, Centreforce was the big one for me. I think Fantasy started in 89 or 90 and that was another good one. Back then they only broadcast at weekends, and even then it was on and off - so when they were on you'd grab a tdk d90 for the rest of the week.
If i dig out any other 1989 tracks i'll upload em somehow but for now this is the end of my 89 selection :D"

Grab the download here

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