Thursday, January 9, 2014

DJ Zinc - Trust Me I Was There Chapter 2 - 1988

DJ Zinc continues this excellent mix series, moving into the glorious 'second summer of love' that was 1988 - from my personal opinion a musical high point; from the media's opinion the beginning of a cultural force that threatened a certain alienating way of life.

In Zinc's own words:

"This is the second mix in a series 'trust me i was there' - the music in this mix is what was getting played in the places with a more relaxed door policy (places that would let in 15-16 year olds) and on the London pirate dance radio stations in 1988.

One thing i find interesting about this year (as a producer) is the contrast between the really raw acid stuff and the super slick vocal tracks - one of which was exec produced by quincy jones no less!!

Hold tight for part three....

Grab the download here

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