Monday, May 11, 2009

Team City Rockers

Just Another Day In Neilstown

DJ Laz-e recently pulled out some of the ancient snaps he had from back in the 80s, took a look at them, and decided to create a Myspace page for D22's Team City Rockers.

These photos were once all archived online, along with those of as many of the other old school crews who could contribute, on the web resource ( NOT to be confused with Keyo's long-running H2Eire resource ); the former is now, alas, lost somewhere in the ether, along with all of the photographs, video and audio material. Ah well.

You can check the Team City Rockers snaps by clicking this and befriending the auld fellas.

You can also catch Laz-e each sunday at 4pm GMT for the Plastic Attack on Power FM.


Anonymous said...

Laz-e and co's site was , is h2éire, still live and kicking ;)

it might be possible to bring up some of hiphopireland's content through though*/

cool blog btw



cólz said...

Nice one Keyo, Ill mend that now. Ta for the heads up!