Monday, May 11, 2009

Fact Mix 47 - Terror Danjah

You wait all month for the next Fact Mix, and then two come along at once.
Following on from Cooly G's mix comes this one from none other than
Terror Danjah, the man behind many of the darkest most twisted grime rhythms ever programmed (Check 'Sonar' and 'Boogeyman' for just two). Over here in Dublin, I'm often gobsmacked by the total lack of interest from the yoots in the work of producers such as TD, in favour of the mosh-pit headed cockstep we've all come to know and loathe. If you like some proper darkness with serious rollage however, download below.





SubOne said...


Anonymous said...

prawdziwe skurwsysyństwo aka thanks god there is some real grime djs out there. !
or maybe i`m just so high ;)

anyway beginning its all i`ve been missin`.

Anonymous said...

Fucking great mix. TD is a badman.