Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bugz In The Attic - Breaking Point Selection

I remember going to see 4 Hero play a DJ set in Dublin, must have been 1999 or 2000 (a lot of 2000 Black dubs were played) and being delighted to hear where they were taking their sound. It was a great night, and I'll never forget the lad who was up front screwing up his face all night and shouting requests at the lads. After the last track finished and people began to call for more, I could hear what he was shouting. 'Mr Kirk's Nightmare!!!', over and over as the lights came up, a look of dissappointment on his face as they ignored him and wrapped up. It was clear the lads were ahead of their time.

This classic mix was recently uploaded to one of the better forums out there, and as it was always one of my favourite comps from the apparently brief but fertile period in the early noughties when West London's broken sound began to reach us here in Dublin, before much of it seemed to move further out of the club context and into 'nu-jazz'. As in the case of UKG, the only other person I knew who loved the sound at the time was Grizzle, whose vinyl broken beat collection is currently under my care...but like UKG, a wider audience has definitely opened up through the wide acceptance of dubstep (even if it is for the most generic, boring and narrowly defined end) so it should become easier to include some of he great and nuum-ignoring tracks in the sonic pallette. Should be. Enjoy it.


01 Son Of Scientist - Ion Steel
02 Mark De Clive-Lowe - The Way That It Goes
03 Rima - Forward
04 Artwork - Red
05 Seiji featuring Lyric L - Loose Lips
06 Daluq - Oriental Express
07 Domu And Volcov - Souljah
08 Pavel Kostiuk - Willo The Wisp
09 Quango - Let Groove Come (Co-Op Mix)
10 Nutmeg - Bicycle Kick
11 Cousin Cockroach - This Ain't Tom N' Jerry
12 Jinadu - Natural Thing (Domu's Mutant Soul Remix)

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clom said...

really enjoying this!
"way that it goes" is a beaut.
there's a bit of a theo parrishey lurch to it.