Monday, August 18, 2008


Accents are strange things at the best of times, with the Dublin/Naija examples above owing more than a little debt to The Great Satan. Same goes for the native Paddy type below though.

Wasn't this scourge eradicated in the 80s? The Brits had the sense to purge the mid-atlantic accent from national radio back then, but you'll still find it on the radio and TV in Ireland. Perhaps its provided the fertile soil for new mutations of TuPac and Tallaght, making it (somehow) acceptable enough to be proudly posted on YouTube so fuckers like me can bemoan what once was music. This has been a shocking development brewing among the youts these last years. The virus seems stronger than ever, dog. Y'knowwamsayin?


Not to mention everyone's favourite bingo caller. All the MC skills of a fried banana. There are infinitely
more 'rappers' and less MCs than there were 15 years back. You can count these Irish MCs on one hand, with a couple of fingers thrown in(on a good day). Today is not a good day.

Rain makes me ANGRY.

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