Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DJ Colz August 08 Selection

Ah well, its that time again. Nearly the end of summer already, not that you'd realise much of a difference in Ireland. Floods, rain, beautiful grey skies, and more rain. Many of us are hoping for an Indian summer, just a few weeks in september is all we ask to be able to fire up the bbq for once... Anyway, here's this months mix - some old 2step to begin as I just can't resist, alongside some classics and brand new ones that are putting a smile on me face. Enjoy responsibly.


1. Groove Chronicles - Masterplan
2. TJ Cases - One By One (Full Force Remix)
3. Hatiras - Space Invader
4. Mark Force - Gypo (Doasulikey)
5. Metalbox Products - Don't Let Me Down
6. Sully - Broadway G
7. Ramadanman - Blimey
8. LV feat Dandelion - CCTV
9. Joker - 80s
10. Landslide - Dreams and Visions (Compound One Remix)
11. Geiom feat. Marita - Reminissin' (Kode 9 Remix)
12. Dusk + Blackdown - Focus
13. Skream - Percression
14. Silkie - Dam 4
15. TRG - Everything We Stand For
16. Rob Sparxx - Independent Life (TRG Remix)
17. Randomer - Travelogue
18. Search + Destroy - Candyfloss (Toasty Remix)
19. Skream - Angry
20. Untold - Yukon
21. Martyn - Natural Selection
22. Digital Mystikz - Anti War Dub
23. Shut Up And Dance - Epileptic (Martyn Remix)
24. Forsaken, Joker + Ben Blackmore - Into The Sunset


AudioLemon said...

Nice mix Colz... just listening to it now. All good?

cólz said...

Sound, you may remember track 4...;)
Lost me phone by the way...hit me on the myspaz

Simon said...

second half of this sounded magic crossing the alps at the weekend.

cólz said...

nice one simon, sounds like the biz!