Friday, December 20, 2013

DJ Zinc - Trust Me I Was There #1 - 86/87

It may have been a fairly grim year for music, but it's certainly been a great one for nostalgia.

With that in mind, here's another one for those of us as old as our gums but older than our teeth, and for those younger ones who yearn for a time they missed. A great set from Zinc; a chronological run through of the records that crept onto the pirates from about 86 in the UK, making their way to European distributors and vinyl compilations, to even reach the likes of us in Dublin - before the acid house hype, and before those who couldn't dance were forced chemically to give it a go, and join the rest of the world.

Grab the download here and join me in feeling young and old at the same time.

This mix is part one of a series from DJ Zinc, hold tight for the next one as I'll be posting it here.

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