Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last Night 27/07/2013

So here's last night's Standard Radio broadcast - as promised, (just under) an hour and a half of exclusive productions from Steo - various ghosts from the hard drive of various hues, tempos and styles - it's fair to say, minds blown.

Thanks again to Steo for the music, and apologies to our overseas listeners last night - the stream was down unfortunately, but we'll have it back up and running in time for next week.

In the meantime, grab the download and have a listen below!



01 Altho
02 Who Knows
03 Who Knows (Reverse Remix)
04 March Hair
05 Clash Away
06 Neptune
07 Lost You
08 Try
09 Work Horse
10 Go Far
11 Old
12 Ikeal
13 Judge Jury & Executioner
14 Secret Service
15 Care Fade
16 Koochi
17 I Want You
18 Howard Beach
19 Hit Ya First
20 Power (featuring Ado-8) (Info demo)
21 Nine One One
22 Dawn Chorus
23 Skin Head
24 Red Skin
25 Bloc 1-der
26 Tusker
27 Who We Are
28 Bryan Gee
29 Crasher (Love Like This)
30 Sick Of It
31 Back Space (Remix)
32 Mid Day
33 Preemo
34 Grape Seed
35 jls
36 Drill
37 Landlord/More (featuring Ado-8) (Info Demos)
38 I Fell

All music by Steo.

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Queen Bee said...

seriously sweet set you guys! dark and sultry, loike! cheers for shout out! -reeta