Monday, March 11, 2013

Major Grave - Paramedics

"Stupidly rowdy beat from Major Grave, an Irish grime producer who is killing it at the moment. Part of Dublin's Standard crew, he performs live and builds tracks using an Akai MPC (and Ableton), and has had a load of heavy instrumentals featured in some of Slackk's recent mixes (check here...) and the March mix that this clip was taken from , as well as Blackdown on Rinse. Forthcoming bits include 'Like A G' on the Big Dada Grime 2.0 compilation and also a soon to be announced EP. Another big talent to look out for, you can also hear this one with an overlaid JME acapella on his Soundcloud.."


Major Grave Soundcloud
Major Grave Facebook
Major Grave Twitter

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